Screening and Diagnostic Assessments

If you suspect that you, or your child, may have dyslexia-related difficulties, please contact for advice on dyslexia tuition, screening or assessing.

Such difficulties may include, but not all:

  • Inconsistent spelling or letter reversal
  • Having imaginative ideas and good verbal articulation, but struggling to write things down
  • Poor organisational skills and time management
  • Difficulties with short term memory, attention or concentration
  • Difficulties with remembering times tables and telling the time
  • Having to read something several times to make sense of it, or often losing place and skipping lines
  • Feeling generally frustrated with spelling, writing and reading skills
  • Having difficulty with remembering a set of verbal or written instructions
  • A sense of something not ‘feeling right’ or low self-esteem with regards to learning and exams